Brandon Gerena: Innovative digital transformation leader driving human-centered brand experiences and business growth.

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Experience Strategy, Business Transformation and Human-Centered Leadership in Financial Services

  • Demonstrated expertise in driving customer-centric brands, delivering human-centered experiences, and optimizing operational costs with exceptional EQ skills.
  • Results-driven change agent empowering teams to achieve remarkable success, driving growth and profitability, and challenging the status quo to drive transformational change.
  • Collaborative visionary with exceptional brand strategy, creative, planning, change management, and marketing platform expertise, delivering market expansion, business growth, and operational efficiency through human-centered design and agile delivery.
  • Recognized thought leader and frequent speaker on personalization, digital transformation, and re-imagining experiences in Financial Services, inspiring teams and audiences with creative, data-driven innovation and experiential marketing.

Delivering Optimal CX During Challenging Times

In this LinkedIn Live broadcast, I joined the JourneyTrack Founder & CEO Ania Rodriguez for a conversation about delivering optimal CX during these challenging times. Today's economic uncertainty has added an additional layer to an already complicated environment of delivering optimal customer experiences.
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This is hcd

A Decade-Long Journey in Service Design at Stanford with Morgan Miller

In this episode of This is HCD, I host the wonderful Morgan Miller as he shares his journey at Stanford, where he transitioned from an arts program coordinator to leading a service design team. Working in a complex higher ed environment, Morgan highlights the challenges and rewards of introducing service design to a technology-centric institution. The episode delves into the unique culture at Stanford, the role of brand identity, and the importance of leadership in advocating for service design in an institutional setting.

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Banking on disruption

Crafting a Brand Promise that Resonates

Discover the keys to fulfilling a brand's promise in our latest podcast episode, featuring brand strategist Brandon Gerena. We delve into successful strategies used by Marcus by Goldman Sachs and Delta Airlines, exploring how technology and employee empowerment play vital roles in enhancing customer experiences and solidifying trust. Tune in for invaluable insights on blending culture, customer obsession, and innovation to uphold and exceed your financial institution's brand pledge. 
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Balancing Technology with People and Process in Digital Transformation (Adobe)

In a time when technology and digital transformation plays a big role in building the kinds of customer relationships that propel businesses forward, it’s important to remember that technology is only one part of the equation. The need for solid leadership, great employees, and adaptable operating models and processes is as critical as ever. Join this session for insights on how bringing the foundational aspects of the business together with must-have technologies can help your organization accelerate digital initiatives and modernize communications. 
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Is Banking Personalization a Team Sport?

Marketers in financial services often miss opportunities to connect with customers in real-time to serve their needs.

Here I talk with Gemma Claire (Godfrey) about how bank employees can better collaborate to achieve end-to-end personalization for their customers.
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The importance of having a clear strategy when it comes to investing in marketing capabilities

I spent some more time with Gemma Claire (Godfrey) to discuss ways that financial brands can thoughtfully apply leading-edge platforms to underpin their digital experiences. We also explore how to enable digital teams and build new capabilities.

In the comments, I appreciate how Jim Marous summarizes it: "It gets down to data, analytics, insights deployment and building engagement. This is an internal and external challenge, that starts with leadership commitment."
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